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The Planetoid Community has moved to a new subdomain. These forum boards are locked and no longer active. Please register at the following URL and update your bookmarks:

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1  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / FINAL SCORE on: April 05, 2014, 04:21:55 pm

TOTAL POSTS: 142,682

2  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: Last Day on: April 04, 2014, 10:27:11 pm
I will be taking the final transitional steps in about 18 hours at 18:00 -6:00 GMT.
3  General Category / General Discussion / Re: There must be something wrong with me... on: April 04, 2014, 10:20:55 pm
This is a good discussion topic, be sure to repost it on the new forums.

But on topic: I believe it's possible for certain people. I know a guy who can solve most any size Rubik cube very quickly. Not as quickly as this guy, but maybe at 1/2th or 1/3rd speed which is still damn fast. I've seen him do it multiple times in person, so it's possible, but most likely takes an absurd amount of practice.
4  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: Last Day on: April 04, 2014, 04:39:44 pm
A shame.

Edit: I messed up my motto, but there is no edit feature I can see.

I will enable edit features tonight, they may be disabled unknowingly.
5  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Last Day on: April 04, 2014, 01:15:09 pm
This post marks the approximately 24 hours left before I lock these forums and permit usage of the new ones.

I ask everyone to give an extra initial posting effort that will give the community an "extra active" vibe for returning and new members. I'll have a few good discussion topics ready.

Also, it is now possible to register but don't post yet. I've also disabled email confirmations due to glitches so simply sign up. If you signed up before the disable, you should be able uo login just fine.
6  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: End of New Site Demo on: April 04, 2014, 11:06:05 am
Just log in. I've disabled the e-mail confirmations now, since it appears that they are glitched.

Only about one more day here on these forums.
7  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: End of New Site Demo on: April 04, 2014, 07:33:53 am
Can we have account data (where possible) transferred over to the new foums?

I can probably copy over things like original sign up dates, but not too much.
8  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: End of New Site Demo on: April 01, 2014, 08:02:52 pm
I will once I'm done setting up the site. Registration is disabled until I finish finding plugins / receive a bit more feedback on the current design.

I also need to make the following topics, and they'll have to be well worded compared to my normal posts:

- An informational topic for current members, returning members, and new members. I'll be advertising a bit and sending out info to old past members on rejoining. This does not include Willowleaf.

- A topic containing information on all new features of the new forums.

- A topic for introducing yourself.

- The first "weekly discussion" topic.
9  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / End of New Site Demo on: April 01, 2014, 07:43:17 pm
With the conclusion of April 1st, I've disabled the test run of our new site. Starting on the 5th, this theme will be permanent and shall artistically represent the nature and purpose of The Community.

In actuality, I believe that this April Fools was a success, thanks to Jalern. Everyjalern give themselves a pat on the back. While everyone attempted to navigate the spinning content of the forum, I spent time working on our new forum boards.

These new boards can be found here:

By April 5th, I will have closed down the current community forum. Everything will still be viewable, and I'll keep the media uploader enabled, but posting will be fully disabled. A large button leading to the new subdomain will be added to the top of this subdomain.

Here's a quick list of reasons why I prefer the new forums ( using Vanilla Forums ) over the old ones ( Simple Machine Forums ).

1) Responsive, streamlined design. The forums adjust to your window size, which makes them easier to navigate.

2) Mobile version. I have enabled a special mobile theme that makes posting on mobile devices MUCH easier than here on the old forums.

3) Default landing page is recent discussions. Let's be honest. How many of us go into each board and look at the recent discussions? That's something nobody has really done here since 2010. Now, all discussions from every board will be aggregated on the home page. This is different from our "Recent Posts" bar in the sense that it shows ALL of the current active topics ordered by last post, and not just the active topics for the past 35 posts. Categories still exist though, and can be used to filter topics.

4) Easier to customize. Below, in the attachments area, you can see all of the default theme options I am able to choose from. Currently I'm using Spacelab Cyborg. While members unfortunately cannot choose their own theme from this list, I am able to fully customize any aspect of the coloring / fonts / placement of every piece of content on the site. We'll discuss theme modifications later after settling on a default.

5) Topic drafts. All of us are much busier than we were a few years ago. With Vanilla Forums, you can save new topics ( or discussions, as they're called ) as drafts and return to typing them later before posting.

6) Gamification. I've added an Approval / Disapproval system as well as badges for various actions ( post amounts, posting on your birthday, posting this much in a day, etc ) that can give points for ranks. While all of this is indeed superfluous, I feel like it'll help increase activity and interaction.

7) Activity sharing. On your profile, you can post your current thoughts / activities / reminders for yourself. Kinda like a personal blog that is also a feed for your posts/comments and awards.

Cool Live notifications. You don't have to keep refreshing the page to check for new posts. Assuming you haven't been inactive too long, new posts in your topics, new PMs, new awards, and other notifications will appear in the lower left corner of the screen.

9) General notifications. Been off the site for a few days and not sure what's happened? No problem. New posts in your topics, your bookmarked topics, new PMs, or anything that may pertain to you will appear as notifications that are accessible from the top of the site.

10) Bookmarking topics. Is there a topic that interests you? Perhaps this topic pertains to a role play, a competition, or your own story / creation. No problem. Bookmark it, and you can access it again easily from the header bar.

11) Live preview WYSIWYG editor. The text editor I have enabled on the new forums allows for text markup that you can see instantly. Instead of having to click preview to see how your post will look after the BBCode has been processed, you'll be able to see how it looks as soon as you add the markup. The concept is the same as most word processors, like Microsoft Word.

12) Much more. I hope to add spoiler tags, and the poll system allows for multiple poll questions in one topic rather than just one question. There's also a nicer post attachments system for uploading small files.
10  General Category / Introduce Yourself / Re: Captain Fantastic on: April 01, 2014, 08:23:32 am
11  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: Small Notice on: March 31, 2014, 11:39:57 pm
Don't worry man, this is the new theme I've been talking about. I really honestly think this will improve posting frequency. Lips Sealed Huh?
12  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: Small Notice on: March 31, 2014, 09:02:55 pm
After much hard work, I have finally finished.

Here is the future of the Planetoid Community.
13  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / New Forums URL? on: March 31, 2014, 11:03:30 am
What should the URL be for our new forums? As stated before, these forums will remain on this address, except posting will be disabled. I will also add a very noticeable button indicating the existence of the new forums.
14  Planetoid Defense / Community Announcements / Re: Small Notice on: March 31, 2014, 10:53:24 am
There will definitely be an announcement tomorrow. More announcements will be made over the week as well as we approach finishing up our main site.
15  General Category / General Discussion / Re: Sam is now contagious "beware" on: March 31, 2014, 10:51:35 am
I'm setting up new, cleaner, simplified forums that will hopefully encourage more posting. I'll also do a bit of advertising once they're setup.

Anyways, I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is the worst.
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