David Bowie

Rest in peace.
[12:49] William "Tankman": yuri loli spaceshipgirls
[15:42] Jalern: I want to fuk r63 loli mao


  • David who?
    "I am sorry but if you don't like cake you're literally hitler
    Like I'm pretty sure an entire chapter of Mein Kampf is all about how much he loathes cake" - Kerlc, 2016

    [3:35:15 AM] Kerlc: they have boobs
    [3:35:18 AM] Kerlc: but they still have 12

    [10:00:19 AM] Kerlc: I actually prefer the penetration
  • We lost a legend today. RIP.
  • David who?

    This is still not our universe.
  • Everything you need to know about David Bowie other than he was in the movie Labyrinth:
    "Gas giants don't discriminate. They have gas for everyone." -ASG
  • I know the name, but that's about it (not counting what is posted here). RIP, though.
    How do you say no to someone who asks you to say no?
    - Random Question Number 289

    These Random Questions were not paid for by anybody.
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